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Hi there 👋! This is Gopichand Busam, a passionate entrepreneur and Electrical & Electronics Engineering graduate from SRM University.I was based in Vijayawada, India. I'm fascinated by UX design, startups, and technologies like Flutter and Unity.

Co-founding BragTech during my university days, I've honed my technical and business skills in the startup world. I'm currently working on it and it was incubated at Hatchlab Research Center - SRM University.

By the way, I've always been a huge fan of BlackPink!

My Work


BragTech (Virxon Private Limited)

Co-founded during my final year at university, is a startup incubated at Hatchlab Research Center - SRM University AP. We specialize in crafting cross-platform mobile apps, websites, and user experiences for clients.It was incubated at Hatchlab Research Center, SRM University - AP.

Three-Leg Asymmetrical Voltage Resonant Converter for Multiple LED Load Applications with Independent Dimming Control

Proposes a new converter for powering multiple LED loads. It achieves independent dimming control, zero voltage switching operation, high efficiency, and load regulation using asymmetrical voltage control. Research Paper Link

Errix's Aventure

Errix Adventure is a mobile game I developed using Unity Game engine. With 45 levels spread across 3 seasons, it was published on both the App Store and Play Store before being taken down. This game nearly got 2000 downloads.

Process Control Of Hydrothermal Liquefaction using Simulink

The hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) process to convert wet biomass like algae into liquid biofuels. It covers properties of feedstocks, continuous-flow HTL systems, process modeling, cost analysis, and control using Simulink.


StudyHall, created during my second year of BTech, is a mobile app designed for university students. It aimed to centralize campus activities like exams, club events, and course registrations. Although well-received by students, it was not allowed for publication by the university administration. Built using Flutter, Google Firebase.

Home Automation using NodeMCU

Worked on home automation operated by Google Assistant using low bandwidth and low-cost.

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